Connecting with communities to spread joy in every life is what makes my heart sing.


Melanie Weinberger is a life coach who helps individuals have more joy in their lives. She believes that transformation happens at the intersection of truth and compassion.

In 2018, she co-founded an organization called Mindlight and developed an emotional mastery certification program that gave corporate leaders the ability to turn emotions from liabilities into assets and be a beacon for emotional competency inside the workplace. Mindlight has continued on to become an emotional training company that serves businesses, practitioners, and everyday people. Prior to Mindlight, Melanie was founder and CEO of Wellshift, a consultancy which developed wellness programs for companies around the country, with a customer roster that included Google, Rackspace and more.

Melanie has done transformational work with Fortune 500 teams and their executives, and has spoken at conferences including SXSW, Burning Man, and Global Entrepreneurship Week. She is a TEDx international speaker and believes living an extraordinary life, and being an extraordinary person is a practice and a choice.