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My mission is to empower you to live an extraordinary life through inspired teaching.

Living an extraordinary life is an INSIDE game. Not based on your outer achievements, but rather, your inner ability to choose your experience.


At age 29 I hit rock bottom. I leveraged all of my company’s capital and my personal savings to make my first business a success, and my efforts failed. There I was sitting in my apartment in east Austin when I saw my bank account hit an all time low. $15 in my checking account, and $14 in savings. That was it. And rent was due in 2 weeks.


What would I do?

Panic set in.

And then I imploded.


I melted to the floor.

I cried.


“How could this happen to me?” I thought.

“WHY is this happening to me?”


For an hour and a half I withered into a ball, sobbing. Panting.


And then, when I was completely depleted. Utterly exhausted and empty.

I woke up.


I remember sitting on my couch thinking: “I must be missing something SO fundamental to life. Something on a different level entirely, that enabled me to get to this point. I’m smart, I’m working really, really, hard… I just don’t get it. How could this happen?”


You see, I spent the whole beginning of my entrepreneurial career trying to be successful. The kind of success that lives in Inc. magazine, and Forbes, and startup competitions, and raising rounds of funding. I was ready to do ANYTHING to create this success, and I did, do anything, leveraging everything I had for it. But what I didn’t know what that my focus was all wrong. I was placing the responsibility of my happiness on external success: achievements and recognition--instead of looking within. I was missing the fundamental distinction that happiness doesn’t come from what other people think or what competitions I win, it comes from me being fulfilled and joyful from the inside out.


Happiness, is an inside job.


Since that “aha” moment, I’ve spent the last 4 years diving into my inner world. I started a fervent study of intentionally curating my inner mind with Neuro Linguistic Programming. I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques, Visioning, Conscious Languaging, sound healing, and more. And my world started changing.


I was able to focus on creating the feelings I wanted to feel in the world BEFORE any outcome actually occurred. I became able to live my life for the journey itself--the joy of creating in the moment -- vs. what it was I was creating and how it turned out. I shifted my mindset away from constant anxiety, “I should be more successful by now,” “I should know better,” “I should be smarter, faster…” to “I’m right on time,” “I get to learn what I need to know.”


And then I started sharing this message, this important focus on the inner world, with everyone I could.


I created an event all around happiness. Someone in that audience was so moved, she finally quit the job she disliked and got herself hired at Google! She called 2 months later to thank me, and invite me in to help her team directly. I kept going, speaking at Rackspace, SXSW, Spredfast, giving commencement speeches, keynote addresses to entrepreneurs, and more. “Focus on building your inner world!” I told them.


I even got myself all the way to Burning Man to give the talk, and as fate would have it, someone from TEDx was there, who offered me a spot on their stage.


And through this whole ride, I continue to be humbled, and blown away by, the power of the mind. You see, instead of being sad and ungrateful for the experience I had with my first company, I am SO clear that I had to go through it. I had to see what the mind was capable of on both ends of the spectrum. To feel how powerfully my own thoughts could pull me down to the darkest place I’d ever seen. And, with that empathy I now have, I can help others learn how to lift themselves up. How to flip that anxiety into power, how to create the life of their dreams, and how to harness your everyday, moment to moment thoughts, to live into the highest version of your best life.


Feeling extraordinary is a practice. It’s a choice.

And there are tools that will enable you to get there.


I’m excited to share that my work in this field is expanding exponentially. I have launched a new venture, Mindlight, which brings Emotional Intelligence training into companies. I am getting certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques and Nuero-Linguistic Programming, and I am speaking on more stages than ever. But what I’m most excited to share with you, is that I am now here to help individuals LIKE YOU one on one. I want to share these Mindset Mastery tools with people seeking to unlock the power of their mind to create at the next level.


That's why I designed this course.


That's why I'm traveling the world teaching everywhere I can.

And I'm honored you're here to begin your journey.