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  • "Mel has a very important and positive message to share with people. Her ability to transfer that on a large scale is breathtaking."

    - Luke Filipos & Chris Sica, Founders, Austin Coding Academy

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    Creative Mornings:

    "In anxiety lays immense power"

    "Do you know the common denominator in all your anxiety? You. As the founder of two wellness companies, Melanie Weinberger knows from first hand experience how debilitating anxiety can be. Listen as she uses her own personal journey to provide insights and tools for turning your own anxiety into an asset."


    Emotional Intelligence training for organizations


    Emotional Intelligence is a skill set that enables people to feel better, and do better, more often. We serve teams that require high performance in high intensity environments, including clinics, hospitals, civil service departments, high growth companies, the oil & gas industry, and more. Start with our foundational EQ training, and then choose your focus area. Lean more at themindlight.com.

    WeWork Feature Event:

    "Stress Relief Now: An Interactive Workshop"

    WeWork collaborated with Melanie to create an immersive stress relief experience for their members. We brought in best-in-class wellness practitioners and vendors from Austin, Texas, and Melanie led attendees through a one hour interactive workshop.


    "What an extraordinary event that lead to extraordinary results for our local community and members. We had a workshop, vendor pop and more."


    - Sarah Imperato, WeWork Community Manager | University Park, Austin

    Peace Potluck:

    Community Dinners That Make A Difference

    Peace Potluck is a very special grassroots movement uniting communities around the world to discuss the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and take action at a local level. Each month, local chapter leaders gather their community for a potluck dinner to discuss how they can unite to further positive human progress on a specific, synchronized Global Goal. In this small way, we make a big impact. Visit peacepotluck.com to be part of the mission.

    Disrupt HR Keynote:

    "The Big Secret About Wellness Programs"


    FitBits, Weight Watchers subscriptions and gym memberships all have one thing in common: The act of offering an employee wellness benefit has no bearing on whether or not your team will actually use it. Listen to this talk to find out the BIG why, and how you can be a successful wellness leader.


    "I hung on every word you said and I am so stoked to think more about how to incorporate and hold the line on these ideas."

    - Sarah Fisher, Founding Director, Disrupt HR Austin

    Well With Mel:

    3 Scientific Ways to Improve Your Relationship,

    featuring John Howard

    According to Positive Psychology, there are 16 key areas of life that need to be fulfilled for you to live your best life -- and 5 of them are based on RELATIONSHIPS! Listen in to John Howard of Ready Set Love to hear how bad relationships impact our lives, and 3 simple ways to start improving them.

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    Hello my friends. I feel like I've witnessed a miracle this week. I've spent the past 2 days in this sort of make-believe world, unsure if what just happened, really happened. In less than 24 hours, over $1,000 was raised to send me to Austria to deliver a TED talk. What you don't know is, 4 days...
    Sometimes in life, a miracle shows up at your door, and you know it. When this happens, I always say yes. Flashback to October 2016. I was in the thick of producing a new product launch at Wellshift, my first company, and unsure of a lot of things. Unsure of where money was coming from, how I...
    The other morning I was sitting at Austin Java, when Kieran Kuykendall walked past me. Kieran is a legend in Austin. I met him at a Halloween party about three years ago. Standing next to a roaring fire pit, he and I started chatting each other up about who knows what, and he looked at me and...
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    Entrepreneur, Speaker, Teacher  


    HQ'd in Austin, TX

    Melanie Weinberger is creating initiatives that drive positive human progress. A sought after public speaker, she enables transformation by helping people tap into their powerful potential. Melanie was previously the founder and CEO of Wellshift, which delivered wellness programs into companies across America. Melanie is also a founder an active leader of Peace Potluck, a grassroots organization that brings communities together to facilitate local progress of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In her additional time, she consults with brands to help launch social good initiatives, as well as companies who are ready to build their culture at a mission-driven level. Melanie calls Austin, TX home.

  • From conferences to startups to Fortune 100 companies, Melanie has touched thousands of lives.

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    "How To Turn Your Anxiety Into Power." Melanie speaks at Creative Mornings, Austin.

    January 26, 2018

    "Treat your anxiety like a treasure map," was Melanie's message to Creative Mornings, a burgeoning aspirational creative community thriving in cities all over the world. See photos of the event, here.

    Doug Smith, COO of Virgin Mobile, and Melanie Weinberger, CEO of Wellshift, on the keynote roster for Global Entrepreneurship Week's Novel Innovation Day.

    November 17, 2017.

    "Entrepreneurship is one of the most effective ways to realize individual promise and spur economic growth.” – Mr. Ewing Kauffman, Founder of Kauffman Foundation NOVELDAY 2017 will be a fast-paced, consultative event format that showcases multi-cultural entrepreneurs and the latest and greatest innovations, as well as novel executives, mentors and thought leaders from the media, research, education, law, finance and tech industries." See the full event lineup here.

    Melanie is featured on the Austin Fire Show podcast

    November 13, 2017.

    #9 Navigating the Insanity of Entrepreneurship, and the Happiness of Pursuit


    "Today, I am sitting down with Melanie Weinberger, Founder of Wellshift, about some things that affect entrepreneurs:
    - Managing work/life. Wait, is there even such a thing?
    - How to have goals but still enjoying what you have right now
    - Creating a business that gives the value and lifestyle you truly want


    Take a listen on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fire-show/id1282220653

    Take a listen on Google play: https://play.google.com/music/m/Im2wx5fgoealhxtk5ce2pplc6ya…

    This is a recorded talk over at the Techmap Cofounder Event.


    She’s an entrepreneur, speaker, and just a joy to know as a person. In her talks, she blends in wellness, science, and plain common sense which is not that common. I hope you enjoy this episode."


    Melanie is featured speaker on "Navigating the Insanity of Startup Life" at the Austin Techmap Cofounders event

    August 14, 2017.

    "30% of entrepreneurs suffer from depression, but you don't have to." See the full Austin startup event talk with female founder Melanie Weinberger here.

    Austin Startup Grind features a fireside chat with Melanie

    August 9, 2017.

    "Melanie is expanding our global community with initiatives that create positive human progress. A sought after public speaker, she promotes transformation through powerful storytelling and education to the masses. Melanie is the founder and CEO of Wellshift, which implements healing inside companies around the world. Along with Wellshift, Melanie is also the founder of Peace Potluck, a grassroots mission that brings communities together to facilitate local progress of the UN’s 17 Global Goals." See photos from the Austin startup event with Melanie Weinberger here.

    Melanie keynotes 3 Day Startup Global Roundup, saying "The Most Important Business You'll Ever Build Is Yourself"

    July 9, 2017.

    "Building your internal world, not the external world, is the most powerful thing you can do." See the full conference keynote on navigating the road to entrepreneurship and startups here.

    "The Big Secret About Wellness Programs"

    - Melanie Weinberger speaks at the BIL Davos Conference

    February 17, 2017.

    "FitBits, Weight Watchers subscriptions and gym memberships all have one thing in common: The act of offering a wellness benefit has no bearing on whether or not people will actually use it. In fact, the chances are that most won’t. Because what no one talks about in wellness is that the wearable or subscription you offer is ONLY as good as the culture that supports it. So we must focus on creating a culture of wellness, if we hope to create any change at all. Let me repeat that, because it’s important: A healthy culture is the biggest asset for a healthy tomorrow." See the recorded session about The Big Secret About Wellness Corporate Programs here.

    Melanie speaks at DisruptHR's Austin chapter launch

    January 11, 2017.

    "The crux of any successful wellness program is the culture in which its laid upon."

    Watch the full talk about corporate wellness program strategy here.

    "30 Austin female startup founders you should know"

    - Built in Austin

    June 9, 2016.

    "The number of funded companies with women founders is on the rise nationwide; in 2014, 15.5 percent of funded startups on Crunchbase had at least one female founder. In Austin, companies and organizations like Feminist Hack, Girl Develop It, recruitHer and Women at Austin are all working to support and encourage women who start their own tech companies." Read more to see the full list here.

    "Cracking the Code To Your Unlimited Epic Potential"

    - SXSW Session 2016

    March 15, 2016.

    "Are you living an epic life? You are a self fulfilling prophesy with the power to create what you envision. Thoughts of the mind create not only our reality, but psychophysiological responses in the body. In fact, these thoughts are so powerful that they may be the largest determinant of our health. By expanding awareness through science and technology within the fabric of consciousness, we can get to the root of self-sabotage and create, epically. In this talk, we will introduce an innovative health consciousness scale, demonstrate the direct effect of each state on the body via live demonstrations, and unveil the latest data of our initiatives to create a platform for mass application." See the event details here

    SXSW 2016 Co-host at Google for Entrepreneur's Epic Life Lounge

    March 13, 2016.

    Learn about the remarkable experience that elevated guest's consciousness at epiclifelounge.com.


    2015 Blazing Star Finalist,

    Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas

    April 22, 2015.

    It was an honor to be nominated by Susan Yenzer, who is the Exhibit Chair for the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas Money and Power Conference, as well as a seasoned Human Resources professional.

    "Making the Well Shift with Melanie Weinberger"

    - Entrepreneur Fitness

    October 17, 2014.

    Very excited to be Brandon Epstein's guest on the Entrepreneur Fitness podcast, rated the #1 Alternative Health Podcst in the iTunes store. Listen as we discuss our views on both the corporate wellness and individual wellness paradigms.

    "Solving the War For Talent with a Changed Way of Life"

    - Texas CEO Magazine

    October 11, 2014.

    "Everything is now, and now is everything. The Information Age has birthed the Immediate Age. And when “now” is an expectation from clients, customers, or superiors, it can directly affect the health of the entire organization. While it might not seem that stress is a main actor in the office, it’s often the effects of the strong undertow that people underestimate. And as the war for talent heats up, the effects on the organization are quantifiable. Healthy, productive people want to work in a healthy, productive environment. Employees who feel well, work well and attract well workers. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy."

    Read the full article on why corporate wellness programs are critical.

    "5 Minutes with Fit Steady's Melanie Weinberger"

    - Austin Business Journal

    Aug 22, 2014.

    "...What are some of the more popular workplace wellness options in Austin?The big trend is toward mindfulness. I looked at surveys for 1,000 employees of clients we had and 70 percent had “increasing energy” in their top three goals, along with decreasing stress. Employees vote and seminars on meditation, 10 minutes of dedicated mindfulness and even aromatherapy are popular, though you might not expect that at first. That shows there seems to be a high level of stress happening and something is needed to combat that. RealMassive’s CEO brought in a yoga program and his employees were high-fiving for [having] that option and time for contemplation." Read the rest of the Austin Business Journal's interview with me about corporate wellness trends here.

    "Workplace wellness, improving employee retention among goals of WELL Conference"

    - Austin Business Journal

    August 14, 2014.

    "A healthy workplace leads to employees who stick around longer. That’s the mantra that drives Melanie Weinberger, founder and CEO of the Fit Steady workplace wellness consulting company and creator of the upcoming Austin WELL Conference, Sept. 16 at Brazos Hall.


    Weinberger said Austin companies such as Spredfast, Accruent, Real Massive and BuildASign.com have used Fit Steady to bring fitness and wellness activities and ongoing programs into their workplaces. The goal of those companies, she said, is to increase productivity by creating an environment that prospective employees find attractive and existing employees don’t want to leave." Read more about the Austin Business Journal's take on Fit Steady's (now Wellshift's) insights into corporate wellness here.

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